Redacted (erasure poetry)


Radacted is a series of hybrid literary-visual long poems using redaction to create poetic verse in the form of erasure poetry (also known as found poetry). Please open the PDF links to view the poems.

A Meaningful Lump of Silence, 2021; taking up the work by Haruki Murakami-1Q84 (english translation 2011)-as source material (PDF)

Inhabit My Absence, 2020; taking up the work by David Hinton–Awakened Cosmos (2019)–as source material (PDF)

At Death We Forage, 2019; taking up the work by Werner Herzog —Of Walking in Ice: Munich-Paris, 23 November-14 December 1974 (2015)– as source material (PDF)

Helen Redacted, 2018; taking up the work by the poet H.D. (Hilda Doolittle)– Helen in Egypt (1955)–as source material (PDF)