New Work

I am a conceptual artist grounded in place related process. I make work informed by engaging with location, impermanence, and space, employing abstract expressionism to communicate emotional truths. Working across mediums I endeavor to listen to the natural world as it communicates its experience of the Anthropocene and create artwork that provides a means to look beyond contemporary formations. Combining philosophical enquiry with my art practice I am exploring whether the Anthropocene is a form of collective self-murder.

March – June 2020 I was an artist in residence with Murze Magazine based in the U.K. The focus was Isolation and the residency was a digital platform published online. Creating with the Covid-19 virus, I made visual work and experimental films as contemplations supportive of permanent change and disruption to human patterns producing global extinction.

Smell of Ice
fresco on panel, 24×24, 2020

The Smell of Ice
The Smell of Ice, fresco on panel, 24×24, 2020

Current Publications

Murze issue 12