I am a context-based artist grounded in site specific process. I make work informed by experiential research and employ abstract expressionism to communicate emotional truths. This portfolio encompasses works created between 2017 and present, making an interwoven narrative of nested stories swinging in the balance between invisible and visible forces and their impact on existence.

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New Work

Cyanotype on paper 2019

This ongoing series considers the immediate experience of existence itself. The materials used during the making process are elements of the world both natural and human made; the result, reminiscent of the Cosmos. Variations created through uncontrollable circumstances generated by wind, sunlight, gravity, and water depict forms not drawn from the visible world. It is my intention to create an aesthetic feeling awareness that moves between viewer and artwork.

**Process materials for Dragon I-VIII: survival garden heirloom seeds, loosely woven mulberry fiber

**Process materials for Dragon IX and X: single use plastic

Dragon (IX)
Dragon (IX), work on paper, cyanotype, 30×22″, 2019
Dragon (X)
Dragon (X), work on paper, cyanotype, 30×22″, 2019



issue 11 Making Your Mark
featured artist

The Eye of Yew
Eye of Yew, fresco on panel, 14×18″, 2019
Patterned Ground
Patterned Ground: A Visual Conversation Concerning Climate Crisis as Distillations of Human History, fresco on panel, 36×36″, 2019