New Work

The End of Meaning
The Way We Remember, How We Forget


At Death We Forage
Text as Medium: erasure poetry – found poetry, 2019
primary source: Werner Herzog, Of Walking In Ice
At Death We Forage (PDF)


The End of Meaning is a series of original works, to include fresco paintings and erasure poetry, created to lead the viewer on a meta-reflective journey concerning the perceptions of memory and consciousness. Exploring notions of “beyond” and “between”, this concept aims to be a source for contemplation.

Conceptual inspiration arose as I walked the shores of the Salton Sea. At the edge of the desert lake, I was inside a mirage, my skin burning under the blazing sun, lips dry and cracking as the air itself filled my pores with salt. Bones of the dead crunched with every step. As I stared into the horizon that seemed close enough to touch, a deafening silence echoed within the weighted haze that grazed the surfaces of sea and sky. Like a painting, the water never moved. Still. Silent. Surreal.