As I contemplate re-wilding as a form of undoing domestication and deepening relationships to the wild natural places left on our planet, I feel compelled to create visual works that shift the viewers’ perception of the known. Wandering this world, I find overwhelming evidence that the Anthropocene is a form of collective self-murder. Composing the unseen as the course of action that transmutes consciousness, the result is a visual narrative of nested stories supportive of permanent change and disruption to human patterns producing global extinction.

The works of art are my feelings made manifest as I connect with the between… the penumbra, the aura, that surrounds every experience, perception, and form.

Current Exhibitions & Publications



At Death We Forage,, 2020, Official Selection Montreal Independent Film Festival

Review by Moira Sullivan


Cover Artist: Murze magazine, Issue Thirteen, Re-Wilding



New Work

Text as Medium

Inhabit My Absence, text as medium, erasure poetry/found poetry, 2020 (Inhabit My Absence PDF)


Fresco Painting

drinking the blood of Oasia
(4) fresco on panel, 2020