The persistent question at the center of my being is How do I create reunion where there is separation? The quest for an answer is my driving artistic concern and obsession. Autobiographical considerations that parallel universal and global paradigms provide the material I use to communicate my experiences negotiating the territory of the interstices of ordinary reality where I perceive the unseen fabric of fate weaving connection. Employing the methodology of non-drug induced altered state consciousness to stimulate frenetic techniques, I maintain a balance of chaos and control while creating abstract expressionist works of art during which the unknowable assembles fragmented parts.

~Quin de la Mer


This concept is expressed through the voices of the lovers of eternity, Via Postel and The Wanderer. The portfolio of artworks is the chronicle of their journey to find one another.

Nocturne Stitches: A Requiem

This is a portfolio of works inviting viewers to look beyond contemporary formations and contemplate undoing domestication in service to deepening relationships with the wild natural places left on our planet.


Experimental art films, moving poems, new media moving images.

About Quin

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