I am a conceptual (context-based) visual artist grounded in place related process. I make work informed by engaging with location, impermanence, and space, employing abstract expressionism to communicate emotional truths. My primary media are fresco painting, alternative photographic processes, and text-as-medium. I endeavor to listen to the natural world as it communicates its experience of the Anthropocene and create artwork that provides a means to look beyond current beliefs.

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Portland, Oregon

New Work


Smell of Ice
fresco on panel, 24×24, 2020

The Smell of Ice
The Smell of Ice, fresco on panel, 24×24, 2020

Current Publications

All The Sins

For our latest submissions call we’re asking artists to consider what it means to be a nomad and how anything from wandering and wanderlust to a sense of displacement or breaking of ties can be conveyed through art.

To get you thinking, we asked all the sins contributor (Issues 11 and 8) and conceptual artist Quin de la Mer to talk to us about her work. As you will read, our theme is woven into the fabric of Quin’s work and that to be a nomadic artist is to be deeply rooted in a sense of time and place, even if that time and place is always shifting. And with the climate crisis literally changing the physical spaces around us, there is a real sense of urgency to Quin’s interest in how art can speak for those that can’t, such as nature and animals.

Salton Sea (cyanotype on paper)

Requiem for the Salton Sea
Cyanotype on paper created at the Salton Sea shoreline, (50) 6×6″ prints, February 2020

Salton Sea, January-February 2020
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