The persistent question at the center of my being is, How do I create connection where there is separation? The quest for an answer is my driving artistic concern and obsession. My goal is to make work that is supportive of permanent change and disruption to human patterns producing global extinction; to foster the profound entanglement necessary to the love story that is reunion.

Current Exhibitions & New Work


Murze Magazine: Art for Advent

In my attempt to answer my fundamental question, How do I create connection where there is separation?, I create work through the voices of two characters who do nothing but pursue their reunification, Via Postel and The Wanderer. Entanglement: A Love Story is the chronicle of their journey to find one another. Their communication occurs through a series of postcards in the form of visual artwork comprised of text-as-medium, fresco paintings, and moving image. The postcards are a consolation for them on their journey.

Responding to the call for artists to participate in 24 days of creating a piece a day, I am creating a series of (24) 8×8″ fresco paintings with asemic writing. They are postcard correspondence between the lovers of eternity.


Filmography & Moving Image

At Death We Forage, experimental/art film, 2020

Official Selection, Montreal Independent Film Festival, October 2020

Official Selection, Venice Shorts Film Festival, December 17, 2020

Finalist, Hollywood International Golden Age Festival, 2020


Waking, a moving poem, 2020

Official Selection, Montreal Independent Film Festival, December 2020

Official Selection, Cyrus International Film Festival of Toronto, December 2020


Bones, cinepoetry collaboration, images by Kathleen Quillian, poetry by Quin de la Mer


Shapeshifters Cinema, December 20, 2020;

Official Selection, 9th International Video Poetry Festival, Athens, Greece, March 5-6, 2021


Exquisite Corpse, collaborative moving image project, 2020


Maysles Documentary Center, December 14-19, 2020

Live discussion with filmmakers, December 17, 2020


Tenuous We, a collection of cinepoems created collaboratively by filmmakers, moving image artists, and poets, 2020.


Shapeshifters Cinema, Oakland, CA, December 20, 2020

Maysles Documentary Center, Harlem, NY.


Digital Media

The series, Lost Angeles, asks viewers to consider the county of Los Angeles a movie set, the inhabitants as extras, the divine as supermodels and famous people who are recognized through advertising and marketing strategies.

The images were created using new media technologies and video footage shot on location in downtown Los Angeles during the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown amidst the climate crisis induced wildfires that ravaged the Angeles Forest.


Fresco Painting

drinking the blood of Oasia
(4) fresco on panel, 2020