Works 2017-2018

I consider a fresco to be a visual piece of music.  While music is communicated through the vibration of sound, a fresco is expressed through the vibration of light, and the echoes and reflections of motion.  I engage ancient methods used with fresco mediums to produce a living product; eternally, intimately interacting with light.  Employing abstract expressionism allows me to communicate esoteric ideas.

Fresco paintings are created on wood panels. 
Fresco Medium:  water, lime putty, crushed marble, mineral pigment

Available Works

Event Horizon


Shells and Pearls  



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Fine Art Book


Text as Medium

Lyrics from Entanglement: A Love Story  (please tap link for more information)

Conceptual Video

Orlog  (please tap picture to link to video)



Black Snake Silent  (Please tap link for more information)

Works in private collections

Archives and Bones: A Weaving