Collective Self-Murder

Is the Anthropocene a form of collective self murder?


Collective Self Murder, poster art, word art, digital art, 17×11″, 2021


Beauty is a Warrior

dispelling disparity, supplying hope, providing understanding, instilling courage to act, and fueling desire to make change.

Crimes Against Nature

Moving image clip taken during a storm while on location at White Sands National Monument, one of the world’s natural wonders and … site where the first atomic bomb was exploded.

Climate Change, Global Extinction, digital art, 2021.

Deeply upset by the impact of environmental pollutions supported by industrial consciousness, this work recognizes Climate Change as the most serious problem caused by human produced greenhouse gases.

Most important, Climate Change causes extinction of our global ecosystem.

Climate Change = Mass Global Extinction

Collective Self Murder (2a), poster art, word art, activist art, 17×11″, 2021

Photograph taken in Geyserville, Ca. during the wildfire of 2019-2020; a climate change event.

Collective Self Muder (2b), word art, activist art, square sized for IG, 2021. ***please copy and reuse***