woven light between form and formlessness

Pneuma and Willow’s Breath are still-moving artworks conceived while listening to the willow tree that resides at the entrance to the Fine Art/King Edward VII building at Newcastle University.

Process & Media: Fallen willow leaves provided the internal chemistry used to make prints on undeveloped 35mm film. After fixing the film in sea salt, Quin used ink to create micro-paintings on and around the details radiating from the willow’s leaf patterns. Bilateral symmetry was rendered digitally. Pneuma is accompanied with sound art, Willow’s Breath is without sound.

Plant Matters

Plant Matters is a 51 second artist film. Listening to the natural world express its experience of the Anthropocene profoundly influences my artmarking. This piece was inspired by a long wander in California’s Colorado Desert where I collected desert wildflower petals as I listened to the local non-human members of the Earth community. Still images were then created with outdated 35mm color film, found foliage, and the phytogram filmmaking method. The results were digitally arranged and set to motion with sound.