In a world that’s falling apart….

To the Disappeared, b&w photography, toy camera, caffenol processing, sea salt fixer, 2021.

Structure, moving image art, 2021.

Making work about the roots and causes of our crisis–specifically, systems of political and economic management (aka “Structure” of society).

Cold Sharp & Merciless is a micro artist film, 2021.

Deeply upset by the impact of environmental pollutions supported by industrial consciousness, this work recognizes Climate Change as the most serious problem caused by human produced greenhouse gases. Most important, Climate Change causes extinction of our global ecosystem.

With special thanks to, Post Carbon Institute, Richard Heinberg, for making the online course Think Resilience free and available to all.

The Shape of Froglessness is a silent artist film.

During a three-month artist residency in the Pacific Northwest, I wandered the land forming relationships with the non-human residents that inhabit the wild places. I experienced beauty as a warrior dispelling disparity, supplying hope, instilling courage to act, and fueling desire to make change. The lack of frog song deeply affected me, carving holes in my heart. Taking up the work by Haruki Murakami-1Q84 (English translation 2011)- as source material, I wrote an erasure poem titled A Meaningful Lump of Silence and created this film as a form of visual poetry.

In a world that is falling apart, a meaningful lump of silence floats enclosed in restricted space, an absence of sound from a transient place between this world and the world after death.

Breathing Hole is an artist film conceived by Quin de la Mer during a pilgrimage through Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California.

In a world that’s falling apart, love is the way we find comfort. Through love, we deeply connect.

Conceptual art by Quin de la Mer 
Editing by Marius Ritual
Sound Art/Music by Scanner “Elegy for Neal Cassady”

Memoirs from a Desert, b&w photography, toy camera, caffenol processing, sea salt fixer, digital art used to create final images, 2021.

This work was created while wandering in the desert listening to the natural world express its experience of the Anthropocene.