Text as Medium

Inhabit My Absence, erasure poetry (a form of found poetry), 2020 (PDF)

At Death We Forage, erasure poetry ( a form of found poetry), 2019 (PDF)

Helen Redacted, erasure poetry (a form of found poetry), 2018 (PDF)

Postcards and Newsprint, cut-up poetry. Background World: postcards as love letters written by the characters The Wanderer and Via Postel

Postcards as Love Letters written by the characters Via Postel and The Wanderer, fresco on panel with asemic poetry, 8×8″, 2020

The Redactionists 
~ a deck of cards ~

Primary sources: The Great Derangement by Amitov Ghosh and The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert. Redacting text created new verse and original imagery. Shrinking the images so that text is nearly impossible to read and positioning each horizontally, the end result becomes a form of sound imaging communicating a visual conversation about humans as catastrophists, extinctionists, and redactionists.

The Redactionists
The Redactionists ~a deck of cards~, text as medium, 2019