Text as Medium

Helen Redacted, erasure poetry (a form of found poetry), 2018; Sources: 1. H.D., Helen in Egypt, a book length poem about Helen of Troy (or Sparta) and her passage to Egypt, first published by Grove Press in 1961. This is the primary focus for the artwork Helen Redacted. 2. Erasure, also known as redaction poetry and found object poetry/art; my initiation into this form of writing was through looking at legal documents used in a court case against an innocent. 3. My June 2018 trip to Sparta, Greece; standing on the mountain side tomb of the Immortal (moon Goddess) Helen Queen of Sparta and her husband King Menelaus; a truly mystical experience. 4. Love for music notation; and in this case, player piano music rolls.
helen redacted


Postcards and Newsprint, poetry using cut-up technique, 2018; Featured artist for the print magazine Blacklisted, based in Denmark.
Blacklisted, Issue 01, 2018


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