New Work

April 2021

Collective Self Murder, part 1: Extractionists

Boneyard, experimental film, 2021

Boneyard on Vimeo

Collective Self Murder, part 2: Extinctionists

Requiem for the Salton Sea, experimental film, 2021

Requiem for the Salton Sea on Vimeo

Unknowable Tomorrows

Unknowable Tomorrows, is an art call contribution for What’s Next for Earth? (at Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere,, concerning Depletion. Breathing Holes, caged-contained-“protected” spaces. Breathing Holes, left relatively wild, not to prevent them from being depleted, but rather to make places for humans to safely enjoy nature’s bounty. These spaces, scattered here and there across this world… I call them Breathing Holes, and when I am within the boundaries, the more than human voices are alive and talkative. Together we look out beyond the edges that press in with their desire to consume, and we feel the massive human engine that never rests… A machine extracting, harvesting, devouring with insatiable hunger.

….fighting to exist in Unknowable Tomorrows…

B&W photo taken on location in the Saguaro National Park with a Holga 120N, double exposure, caffenol processing, sea salt fix, 2021.


Entanglement: A Love Story, portfolio

Nocturne Stitches: A Requiem, portfolio


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