New Work

April 2021

Collective Self Murder, part 1: Extractionists

Boneyard, experimental film, 2021

Boneyard on Vimeo

Collective Self Murder, part 2: Extinctionists

Requiem for the Salton Sea, experimental film, 2021

Requiem for the Salton Sea on Vimeo

Hinging (3), postcard correspondence between the lovers of eternity, left panel: To The Wanderer…Love, Via Postel; right panel: To Via Postel…Love, The Wanderer, (2) fresco painting on panel with asemic writing, (2) 8×8″, 2021

Secrets (1) and (2), postcard correspondence between Via Postel and The Wanderer; paired and assembled to form containers to hold their secrets.

March 2021

Requiem for the Salton Sea…The End

Requiem for the Salton Sea…The End, black and white photographs taken with a Holga 120N, Caffenol processing, Sea Salt fix, printed as postcards. Like the Fluxus artists of the 1960’s and 1970’s, I am expressing a disenchantment with the elitism of the art world and the exclusion of women artists. To effectively disseminate my message, I am mailing them to an international selection of individuals, galleries, and organizations.

Background world: Returning to the Salton Sea one year later, I found the ecosystem had indeed collapsed. It was no longer in its hospice stage. It was sad and deserted…empty of birds, fish, and life. The shoreline had receded significantly since my last visit, revealing hundreds of car tires that had been dumped into the sea long ago. The toxic dust lifted effortlessly into the air. My nose began to bleed a half hour after my arrival. This is the legacy we leave in our wake, 100 tons of toxic dust per day lifted into the air forever.

Salton Sea mud contains enough arsenic and selenium to qualify for disposal in a dump reserved for the most toxic of society’s trash. Chromium, zinc, lead and pesticides, including DDT, are also in the lake bottom.


Boneyard, a new piece for the Elsewhen series, digital art, 6×6″. This piece is an art call contribution for What’s Next for Earth? (at Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere,, concerning population and consumption. There are too many of us consuming our host and home. Our way of life has become a self-generating machine without consciousness…are we a suicidal cultural collective?