Murze: Art for Advent London, United Kingdom, artist call to make a piece a day beginning December 1st and ending December 24, 2020

In my attempt to answer my fundamental question, How do I create connection where there is separation?, I create work through the voices of two characters who do nothing but pursue their reunification, Via Postel and The Wanderer. Entanglement: A Love Story is the chronicle of their journey to find one another. Their communication occurs through a series of postcards in the form of visual artwork comprised of text-as-medium, fresco paintings, and moving image. The postcards are a consolation for them on their journey.

Responding to the call for artists to participate in 24 days of creating a piece a day, I made a series of (24) fresco paintings with asemic writing. They are postcard correspondence between the lovers of eternity. Days 1-22 turned out to be 8×8″ process pieces leading up to 2 final works (days 23 & 24), one for each lover.


Final works, Day 23 and Day 24, Art for Advent, imagining postcard correspondence between the lovers of eternity, Via Postel and The Wanderer.


Daily process pieces