Mixed Media Sculpture

Mask of Anarchy: A Cover
CIIS permanent collection

Mask of Anarchy - A Cover
Mask of Anarchy: A Cover, fresco on 2 panels, vertical panel 60×30″, floor panel 30×30″; mixed media sculpture to include 6 hand forged nails, 1000 paper origami cranes, crystal beads, silver thread, glass vase with obsidian stones/water/Marimo Moss Balls.




Inking the Ghost in Exile installed in the New Orleans Healing Center for Fet Gede, the VooDoo celebration for Day of the Dead. It will remain on site as part of the permanent collection.




Helen Standinginstalled in Egg egg Gallery in Leonidio, Greece, in June 2018. Created with archaeological waste and found objects from Leonidio, Sparta, and Mycenae. The title is a direct reference to Helen of Sparta/Troy.




Black Snake Silent on exhibition at California Institute of Integral Studies, Dec 1st, 2018.


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