Slang: I’m gonna

Japanese: “now”

This work considers the texture of time supported by modern physics.

Texture of Time part 1, micro paintings, ink on developed 35mm film, digital effect used to create bilateral symmetry, 2021

Texture of Time part 2, micro paintings, ink on developed 120 film, digital effect used to create bilateral symmetry, 2021

IMA, sound art, moving image art, set on loop to create trance and altered state of consciousness, 2021.

Event Horizon, fresco painting on (3) panels, 72×36″ (black and white panels 36×12″ each), 2019

Using the metaphor of a black hole, this artwork imagines the likelihood that we have passed the event horizon from which there is no turning back. The gravitational pull of the singularity is the door through which life on Earth will enter, an unknowable tomorrow. Viewing our unknowable tomorrow from an eternal perspective and incorporating the possibility of white hole/black hole relationship, I wonder about the flow of time. I see the black hole as imminent, and the white hole the source of becoming/coming into being. Maybe the matter that collapses and creates a black hole retains particles of “memory” and by way of the relationship between the holes is a generative cosmos. Perhaps the entire cosmos is a black hole/white hole relationship and what we perceive from the center point between the two is the known universe. This sinario suggests a closed time loop since their singularities have not yet come together (something that might unite the two into one creating a new universe with eternal time).