Quin de la Mer was born in Pasadena, California in 1966.  Having grown up in two households, one filled with adventure and thrilling experiences, the other with two classically trained artists, her love of life and art grew to become one and the same.  Throughout her life, Quin has been fascinated by museums.  The artworks, the audience, and the curatorial structuring that ministers to those within the architectural housing.  As a classically trained pianist, a similar notion exists for Quin around music as symphony, the audience, and the environment.  Realizing at a young age that answers to great mysteries and hidden or concealed histories could be found within art was a major turning point that eventually led to her becoming the conceptual artist she is today.

With equal dynamism she has chosen to live a nomadic life.  This choice came at significant cost; there were challenges requiring time and effort, and loss.  These challenges, while impossible to justify, contribute greatly to her work.  Giving voice to freedom and choice, to the ancient ways of Wanderers, Nomads, and Travelers are part of the narrative she is expressing.  She uses the practice of Artist as Nomad to fully embrace the cosmology of the wild, as well as the rich history of people/place/point/creation.  Art is her spirituality.

Notably, Quin uses her 17 years as a master fresco and plaster expert to create contemporary abstract expressionist panels.  Partnering the alchemy of this process with her additional experience in (non-drug induced) altered state consciousness, produces a consistently unique outcome.

She is interested in opening doors that lead to love yet make passage through death and annihilation; memory lurking as ghost of form and manifestation; light entering with reason and creating order out of chaos; and the dark that allows the fall into understanding.

Quin lives and works in San Francisco, California surrounded by the art culture she loves.  She is proud to be represented online by UGallery:

The following link is an invitation to view a slideshow created to honor some of her most cherished influences.