Artist Statement

Investigating vibration through the use of mineral based materials and unconventional application techniques the result is a Modern Fresco.  Color and process create subtle abstract motion and momentarily captured elusive forms. Uncontrollable fluctuations and natural transformations occur due to transitory lighting, reflection, and the vibratory rate of substance.  The art work evolves….a mutable spectrum within the confines of time.  Light is energy and the phenomenon of color and motion are the product of the interaction of energy and matter.  

I consider a fresco to be a visual piece of music.  While music is communicated through the vibration of sound, a fresco is expressed through the vibration of light, and the echoes and reflections of motion.  I engage ancient methods used with fresco mediums to produce a living product; eternally, intimately interacting with light.  Employing abstract expressionism allows me to communicate esoteric ideas.

As an artist, I attempt to represent experiences and aspects of – the beyond places – and my experiences with the deep and unexplainable feelings.  I attempt to symbolize the dark and most importantly a path through the dark.

I explore the Between.  The collision of existence and non-existence that is infinity.  The “grey areas” between the 1’s and the 0’s that hold every possibility, every “real”.  The place that cannot be reduced, where every subtlety is appreciated.  For me the Between is profoundly beautiful.

I am interested in opening doors that lead to love, yet make passage through Death and Annihilation.  Memory often lurks as ghost to Form and Manifestation.  Light typically enters with reason and creates order out of chaos.  It is the Dark that allows the fall into understanding. This is the Dark that I speak of.