Fresco Paintings

Smell of Ice

The Smell of Ice
The Smell of Ice, fresco on panel, 24×24, 2020


The End of Meaning
The End of Meaning is a series of original works, to include fresco paintings
and erasure poetry, created to lead the viewer on a meta-reflective journey
concerning the perceptions of memory and consciousness. Exploring notions of
“beyond” and “between”, this concept aims to be a source for contemplation.

At Death We Forage
Text as Medium
book length poem
erasure poetry/found poetry
primary source: Werner Herzog
Of Walking In Ice: Munich-Paris 23
November – 14 December 1974


Patterned Ground
a  visual conversation concerning climate crisis as distillations of human history

Patterned Ground
Patterned Ground, fresco on panel, 36×36″, 2019


Through Gaia Screams I remember the End. Or is it the Beginning?
It’s hard to tell…


Scattered Seeds, Endangered Islands


Nomads in Exile – Mother Love


Mask of Anarchy: a cover

Mask of Anarchy - A Cover
Mask of Anarchy: A Cover, fresco on 2 panels, vertical panel 60×30″, floor panel 30×30″; mixed media sculpture to include 6 hand forged nails, 1000 paper origami cranes, crystal beads, silver thread, glass vase with obsidian stones/water/Marimo Moss Balls.


Event Horizon




Shells and Pearls






Beauty Bleeding Through