Recapitulation: Nomad in Exile

In the recapitulation the musical statements that were in evolution and transitional change during the development section, are restated in a new and stronger light. It stretches its origins, but notes its added complexity.  The point at which development passes into recapitulation is the most important psychological moment in the entire structure.  It marks the end of the conflict and the beginning of the synthesis.  A long passage of gathering tension managed with understated punctuality, the recapitulation glides in almost unnoticed.  Equilibrium is achieved.  The audience perceives the subjects in a new relationship – rather like a traveler who glimpses the constituent parts of a valley separately as he climbs a hill and then, when he reaches the summit, sees the entire landscape for the first time as a whole.

Entanglement: A Love Story is a visual-conceptual sonata.

Nomad in Exile is the Recapitulation. (Please follow link to view images and concept)

Via Postel and The Wanderer are converging. They travel to points and places following a compass of emotional connection. They are destined to map a topography of love. Each convergence point becomes an installation. The frescoes are created by The Wanderer and the space itself is Via Postel.

Convergence: The places and spaces where the vibration of Non-Being can effect and influence the reality of Being.

Story Line, The Wanderer:
“I am a Nomad in Exile. My name is Nothing, I am The Wanderer. The frescoes I create map the convergence between myself and Via Postel. They are the places we have shared consciousness and been united. We are Two that are One, One that is Two; Entangled and forever in love. Via Postel, SHE, is all around you, at all times; the longing of love. She is calling me home. I am creating her Real.”

What is your Via Postel? Who is your Via Postel? How do you Via Postel? Where do you Via Postel? Are you avoiding your Via Postel? Are you going toward your Via Postel? Do you know your Via Postel? When you declare your name is Nothing you are recognizing your Via Postel.

Story Line, Via Postel:
“I am the Calling. I am the Love that you long for. I am Home. I am the Void fulfilled. Call me Via Postel.”