Shells and Pearls: The Wanderer

Entanglement: A Love Story is a Conceptual Sonata; Shells and Pearls is the Exposition in two keys, The Wanderer and Via Postel.

Story Line:  Series/Section 2 the key of the dominant:  The Wanderer communicating to Via Postel.  His modern frescos will be referred to as Contemporary Abstract Expressionist works of art intended to create vibrational connection to his One She who exists beyond the veil of Being.  His lyrics, messages.

36″x36″ Modern Frescos on museum approved panels with 2.5″ cradle

original artworks by Quin de la Mer:  2018

More Time
More Time (36″x36″)


Panpira (36″x36″)


Topography of She (36″x36″)