Exposition: Shells and Pearls

The exposition module of a sonata establishes the two keys (main characters) and lays out the thematic cycle that serves as the foundation for the development and recapitulation.  The exposition creates an opposition that the development and recapitulation strives to reconcile.  It is the tension between the two main characters that enhance the subtlety and interest of the theme.

Entanglement: A Love Story is a visual-conceptual sonata.

Shells and Pearls is the Exposition in two keys, The Wanderer and Via Postel. (Please follow the link to view visual images and story line concept).

The Wanderer communicating to Via Postel. His frescoes will be referred to as Contemporary Abstract Expressionist works of art intended to create vibrational connection to his One She who exists beyond the veil of Being. His lyrics, messages.

Via Postel communicating to The Wanderer. Her frescoes will be referred to as vibrational postcards made manifest for her One He, that he may know her presence. Her poetry, messages.