Development: Archives and Bones

The development section of a piece of music highlights transformations between the two main ideas and passes through many keys on its way to the recapitulation.  What was introduced as main themes in the exposition is combined, broken up, recombined, and otherwise brought into change and conflict.  It breaks down the principal themes into smaller elements and brings these elements into new relations with each other.  Fragments of themes appear and combine to form new ideas and create evolution in the relationship.

Entanglement: A Love Story is a visual-conceptual sonata.

Archives and Bones is the Development section in two parts, Via Postel and The Wanderer. (Please follow the link for images)

Via Postel is creating the beauty within her Void, the Chaos of Creation. She is desperately trying to express the freedom and joy within expansiveness. Her frescoes – the Pink Noise of vibration; emotional topography.

The Wanderer is focused on showing Via Postel what it feels like to be in body and being. He is collecting archaeological waste and found objects that tell stories that can only exist within the landscapes of time.