Entanglement: A Love Story

Entanglement: A Love Story is a Visual Conceptual Sonata with a 5-part sequence:  Threshold (prelude), Shells and Pearls (exposition), Archives and Bones (development), Nomad in Exile (recapitulation), and Anatomy of the Atmosphere: Portraits of The Code (coda).  There are two keys or “characters”: (1) Via Postel, also known as Love and the essence of Non-Being; (2) The Wanderer, also known as Nothing: A Nomad in Exile, and the essence of Being.

A Sonata is a long piece of classical music made up of several parts.  Sonata means to be “sounded” or “played”.  It has 3 movements of contrasting forms: Exposition, Development, Recapitulation.  It can also have an introduction such as a Prelude.  It often has a Coda at the end.  During the Exposition movement, themes are identified; it has 2 sections, the first being the main key and the second being the dominant.  The Development movement explores, dramatizes, deepens the themes.  Recapitulation is a varied repetition of the Exposition.  The most important difference is that the dominant second section becomes the main key.  The texture and tone reverse themselves.  The Coda is a closing section that wraps up the ideas and reaffirms the strength of intention.  It is the “tail” and can go on, leading to a longer story or it can be short to create a solid ending.

A musical sonata is communicated through the vibration of sound.  Entanglement: A Love Story is expressed through the vibration of light, and the echoes and reflections of motion.  The ancient methods used during creation with fresco mediums produce a living product; eternally, intimately interacting with light.