Diary: A Concept

The series is a multi-media video project based on “Diary”.  A Diary being a place to freely engage deep feelings meant to be expressed and kept private, and always at risk for violation.  Here the Diary Entries have been posted – my way of showing that our walls (our safety and security) have been torn away.  We exist (and our feelings with that existence) without boundaries, without privacy, without respect.

How does that feel?

How does it feel to invade my privacy?  My moment?  My emotions that cannot be owned;  through viewing them, there is invasion and judgement— this world with its tabloid tech intrusions, desensitizing- – sensationalizing- – entering those who don t want to be rendered naked and ashamed;  satellites staring into souls

How does this feel?

Because we do it every day when we tune into word porn, view the actors we give titles like President and Senator, revel in the degrading falsities written in tabloids about the artist musicians whose creative genius allows us to get through the day.


Digital Mosaics

Throughout the diary pieces many of the images have been broken down and reconstructed.

I deconstruct images to be free of the bondage that lies within the confines of form. The reconstruction, to show the complexity of feelings and the effort to piece together the desperate desire to remain in a dream……..to retain the whole and the depth that is the truth.

To re-member what was, is now new.

I am attempting to create a new beauty during reconstruction.  Parts of the old form re-membered into a new form.


Orlog: an auto-cosmology….. and the first diary entry, 121817


Smells Like/Diary entry 20818


Diary Entry 21018


Diary Entry 21318