Series title: Dragons. This ongoing series considers the immediate experience of existence itself. The materials used during the making process are elements of the natural world; the result, reminiscent of the Cosmos. Variations created through uncontrollable circumstances generated by wind, sunlight, gravity, and water depict forms not drawn from the visible world. It is my intention to create an aesthetic feeling awareness that moves between viewer and artwork.

**Process materials: survival garden heirloom seeds, loosely woven mulberry fiber, archival paper, sunlight, wind, water, gravity, cyanotype (ferric ammonium citrate, potassium ferricyanide).

**Inspired by David Hinton’s book Existence/a story; Shambhala Publications, Inc, 2016.

The Cyanotype process includes soaking the paper in a water bath for up to 5 minutes. The result creates some minimal warping. This is typically considered a beautiful part of the artwork. Many people prefer to float frame the work in order to preserve the warping effects. The artwork will lay flat in a traditional frame.