Quin de la Mer
Artist CV


California Institute of Integral Studies, Master of Fine Arts, August 2019
San Diego State University, Speech Language Pathology, Master of Arts, 1991
San Diego State University, Communicative Disorders, Bachelor of Arts, 1989

Studied With
Judith Nesleny, critically acclaimed concert pianist, 1971-1985
Dr. Michael Harner, founder of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, 1998-2006
Dr. Brian Swimme, cosmologist, author, 2017-2019
Alex Burger, screenplay writer for ABC, 2017-2019
Dr. Judy Grahn, poet, activist, author, 2018-2019
John Man, British historian and travel writer, 2018
Carolyn Cooke, author, 2017-2019
Sinead Keegan, writer, award winning blogger, lecturer, 2018
Dr. Kris Brandenburger, writer, scholar, 2017-present

Study Abroad
Kingston University, Summer Creative Writing Workshops, Athens, Greece, 2018

2019 February-, Solo exhibition and permanent collection, CIIS Wellness Center, San Francisco, CA
2019 January, Group exhibition, Jurer Anne Herbst, World of Abstraction, SFWA, San Francisco, CA
2018 December, Group exhibition, Black Snake Silent, Gallery 5, San Francisco, CA
2018 October-December, Group exhibition, Jurer New Orleans Healing Center, Inking the Ghost In Exile, New Orleans, Louisiana
2018 October, Group exhibition, Jurer Matt McKinley, Vibrant Vision, San Francisco Women Artist Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2018 September, Group exhibition, Jurer Kim Anno, Gaia-Age of Climate Change, SFWA gallery, San Francisco, CA
2018 June, Solo exhibition, Archives and Bones: A Weaving, Egg egg Gallery, Leonidio, Greece
2018 June, Solo exhibition, Beauty Bleeding Through, Panourgias Store, Athens, Greece
2018 April, Solo exhibition, Shells and Pearls, CIIS, The Alcove, San Francisco, California
2017 December, Group exhibition, Matta Desai Gallery, San Francisco, California
2005 May, Group exhibition, Seven-Degrees, Laguna Beach, California
2003-present Site-specific installations, “Mural Works”, created nomadically in the US, 25 installations complete

Private Collection, New York, New York
Private Collection, Woodstock, New York
Private Collection, Tucson, Arizona
Private Collection, Taos, New Mexico
Private Collection, Laguna Beach, California
Private Collection, Huntington Beach, California
Private Collection, Truckee, California
Private Collection, Sebastopol, California
Private Collection, Santa Rosa, California
Private Collection, Woodside, California
Private Collection, Palo Alto, California
Private Collection, Oakland, California
Private Collection, Palm Springs, California
Private Collection, Athens, Greece

Professional Experience
2001-2018 de la Mer Studios Owner Artist; Venetian and Fresco Mural application, Fine Interior Italian and French Plaster finishes
Spring 2018, Teaching Assistant, Philosophy, Cosmology, Consciousness/Cosmological Powers, California Institute of Integral Studies
2018-2019, CIIS, Student Union representative for the School of Consciousness and Transformation.

2020 featured artist Murze Magazine, Issue Eleven, Conscious-Mindfullness-Clarity, UK
2020 interview,, Nomads
2019 featured artist, issue 11 Making Your Mark
2018  Autocosmology: The Art and Experience of a Time-Developmental Universe
2018 Blacklisted, issue 01, featured artist, Copenhagen Denmark
2018, issue 8, featured artist and cover artist
2018 de la Mer, Quin. Venus of the Stars. Blurb
2018 de la Mer, Quin. Convergence: Cosmological Powers. Blurb
2018 CIIS MFA facebook page cover photo
2018 CIIS MFA advertisement for Litquake, San Francisco
2018 Commonality Institute, featured website artist

Awards and Grants
2018, CIIS Student Union Conference Grant

Artist in Residence
April 2020, Murze Magazine, Isolation – digital residency, UK;
March 2020, Murze Magazine, Clarity – digital residency, UK;
February 2020, Geyserville, California;  site specific/wildfire
June 2019-February 2020, Coachella Valley, California; studio residency/Salton Sea
May 2019, Tromso, Norway (self-guided arctic research and studio residency)
October 2018, MyGoodJudy Artist in Residence, New Orleans, Louisiana
July 2018, Studio Residency, Palm Springs, California
June 2018, FaveLAB, Leonidio, Greece
June 2018, “One Artist a Week, 2018”, Athens, Greece

International Travel: nomadic artist
Mexico, Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria,
Philippines, Singapore, Korea, India, Italy, Corsica,
Scotland, Tahiti (Moorea), Australia, Greece, Denmark, England