Artist Statement

I am a context based visual artist grounded in site specific process. I need to be present to create meaningful work. My primary media are fresco painting and works on paper to include the experimental photographic process called cyanotype and text as medium. Together, my artworks create stories that move between the invisible and visible worlds, speaking to what is unseen but surely present. A complex set of ideas are the skeletal structure that shapes each narrative. Titles provide context, the primary indication of what the work is about. Abstraction puts the imagery beyond reason inviting the viewer to weave their own contemplation into the exchange. The practice of Artist as Nomad provides the background world for the visual narratives I create.  Through the gathering of unfamiliar experiences I make note of beauty that bleeds through the interstices of ordinary reality, spontaneously healing rips and tears, wounds and separations that devastate experience. Subscribing to the idea that art is not so much something to look at, but a means to look beyond what is seen, is the possibility for the artworks to lead the viewer on a meta-reflective journey.


Quin de la Mer, 2019