Artist Statement

I am a conceptual (context-based) visual artist grounded in place related process. I make work informed by engaging with location, impermanence, and space, employing abstract expressionism to communicate emotional truths. My primary media are fresco painting, alternative photographic processes, experimental film, and text-as-medium. I endeavor to listen to the natural world as it communicates its experience of the Anthropocene and create artwork that provides a means to look beyond current beliefs.

Woven into the fabric of my work is the practice of artist as nomad.  To be a nomadic artist is to be deeply rooted in a sense of time and place, even if that time and place is always shifting. With the climate crisis rapidly changing the physical spaces around us, there is a real sense of urgency to my interest in how art can speak for those that can’t; the non-human beings and wild natural places remaining on our planet.

Quin de la Mer, 2020

Quin de la Mer Artist Statement (PDF)